Who trades?


There are two parties involved in an online forex deal: you as the trader and the market
maker, for example easy-forex. A market maker is a company that facilitates trading by
offering an ask and bid price on a currency, literally making the market for traders to trade in.
Individual forex traders like you make up the fastest-growing segment of the global forex
market. The other players include the interbank market which is mostly made up of the
largest commercial banks and securities dealers, after which you have the smaller banks,
multi-national corporations and hedge funds.

When to trade

Because forex is a truly global market, you can trade 24 hours a day, five days a week. As one
region’s market day ends, the next region’s market day begins. This means you can trade on
any region’s news as developments take place.

Where can I trade?

Online, anywhere, anytime, on the device of your choice. You have full control to monitor
the status of your trades, modify the terms of your open deals, close deals, or withdraw
profits. The ability to access your deals 24/7 is a great benefit of online trading.

How do I make a profit?

You can profit from forex trading by correctly determining whether one currency in a currency
pair will go up (strengthen) or go down (weaken) relative to the other currency in the pair. With
forex, you can profit whether the market is rising or falling. This is because currencies are
traded in pairs. The key is to buy when a currency is low and sell it back once it is high. In chapter 2
we take you step by step through a trade. Traders develop trading strategies based on
technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis (chapter 4) is the use of charts and
other statistical measures to predict future price movements based on past prices, while
fundamental analysis (chapter 3) looks at how.

macro-economic data releases, news announcements and other reports may cause
rates to change.

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